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About the Client

Xperi Corporation (formerly Tessera Holding Corporation) is a San Jose, California-based firm that licenses technology and intellectual property in areas such as mobile computing, communications, memory and data storage, and three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC) technologies, among others. Markets include semiconductor packaging and interconnect solutions, mobile, computational imaging, audio and automotive.


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Project in a Nutshell:

Launch web solution to manage intellectual property diagnostics database.

Hundreds of Xperi scientists and engineers invent and develop patented semiconductor, audio and imaging innovations for customers’ products. Xperi’s subsidiary, Tessera, licenses a portfolio of over 5,500 global patents and patent applications to companies worldwide.

We partnered with Xperi to design and develop a database-driven web application that manages hundreds of terabytes of information. This application, named “Parts Tracker” provides workflow, document management, indexing, search and much more.

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Goals and Objectives
Build a workflow and approval solution to manage hundreds of terabytes of information.

Xperi utilizes advanced imaging solutions that allow them to x-ray digital equipment. This equipment creates diagnostic files that are huge, and storage requirements are massive. Their goal was to take all of these sensitive files and develop a front-end to help them manage workflow, security and other capabilities.

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Unique Challenges
Massive storage requirements, advanced multi-layer workflow and security considerations.

One of the first challenges we faced was how to store, manage and index hundreds of terabytes of information without impacting overall performance. Additionally, the information was highly sensitive. Security measures can impact performance as well, so we were tasked with developing a solution to manage both without killing performance.

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The Results
A high performance database solution providing a clean, modern user experience.

We had to think out of the box on this one. We utilized Windows Server to perform background indexing, alleviating the need to index tens of thousands of files within ASP.NET. We also developed powerful workflow and approval capabilities, ensuring that sensitive information remained secure.

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