Your inquiry matters to us
You can usually learn a lot about a company by the way they respond to your initial inquiry.

Or in some cases when they don’t respond. And let’s face it, if they can’t be bothered to respond to you before they take your money, what kind of service do you think you will get after they’ve taken it? We think it says a lot about the experience you are going to get once you become a client. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, often times much sooner.

Great service starts with the very first contact.

About Us
Always within 24 Hours

We are committed to responding to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Always with an Expert

We don’t employ salespeople. You will always speak with a software expert.

Always Down to Earth

You’ll speak with friendly experts who don’t know it all. It’s personal. Every time.


Initial Consultation

During our initial call (or calls), we’ll spend the time to understand your business and your software needs. These confidential meetings are usually conducted over the phone, or in person.


Written Estimate

Once we understand the specifics of your software project we’ll prepare a detailed proposal and cost estimate. We’ll also provide an estimate of the time required to complete your custom software.


Ramp Up
Within 48 Hours

Once we get the green light to begin (and have the signed agreement) we’ll get the process rolling within 48 hours. We’ll assign a project manager to your account and have our kickoff meeting.

It's personal. Every time.
You probably don't build software for a living. We try to remember that.
Discuss your software project with experts who actually speak English, not industry technical jargon.
Free Consultation

It is customary in our industry to provide a free consultation. The initial phone calls, in-depth proposal and detailed estimate are 100% complimentary.

No Obligation

There’s absolutely no obligation. We treat the information you provide with complete confidentiality. The proposal and estimate are yours to keep.

Receive a free detailed estimate for your project

  • Easy to understand estimate of the time and cost involved
  • Costs clearly broken down by task and sub task
  • Provides optimistic and pessimistic time estimates
  • Relies on proven Function Point Analysis (FPA) technique
  • 100% free and yours to keep whether you hire us or not
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Get Started Fast
We are ready to get started within 48 hours of contract signing. Why wait weeks or months?

We are ready to get started immediately, so if you need it yesterday we can help. In most cases we can hit the ground running within 48 hours of contract signing. Most companies in our industry require 2 to 3 weeks lead time. If you tried to hire an in-house programmer, it would most likely take 2 to 3 months.

About Us
Low Initial Retainer
Get started without breaking the bank. Minimal retainer required to start.

To get started we only require the first 40 hours up front. That’s only $2,000 to get us started, which is among the lowest in the industry. In fact, many competitors request 10% to 20% of the total project cost to get started. We invoice every other week, so once the retainer is used we just invoice for the balance of time spent for that period.

Pricing Info
No Long-Term Commitments
Start and stop work when it makes sense to your business. Totally on-demand.

Relationships should be based on trust, mutual respect and results. That’s why we do not use legal contracts that limit your ability to cancel for any reason, whenever you want. We strive to earn your business every single day, and prefer not to use legal maneuvers to force you into staying with us.

About Our Process