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About the Client

Universal Studios is a theme park and production studio with theme park locations in Hollywood, Orlando and Osaka, Japan. Universal’s Florida theme park hosted an estimated 10.2 million visitors in 2017, ranking it as the sixth most attended theme park in the United States and the ninth most attended theme park worldwide.


Orlando, Florida


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SQL Server, ERP Integration

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Project in a Nutshell:

Develop a cost tracking system to manage construction of a $2.5 Billion theme park expansion in Orlando

Universal Studios was in the middle of construction of a $2.5 Billion theme park expansion in Orlando, Florida when it became clear that they lacked the tools necessary to effectively manage and track project expenditures. They needed a solution that could track and manage costs at a very granular level, while interfacing with their ERP solution.

We designed and built a powerful custom database application that interfaced with multiple systems and provided the level of control they were requesting.

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Goals and Objectives
Quickly deliver a solution to track costs and integrate with Universal's Enterprise ERP solution.

Universal Studios was in the middle of construction of Island’s of Adventure, a $2.5 Billion theme park expansion in Orlando, Florida, when they decided they needed better tools to track and manage. Our first goal was to build a tool quickly, as time was literally money. Additionally, we needed the new system to interface with their ERP software to reduce data entry and increase visibility.

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Unique Challenges
Design and build a solution within 6 months, while integrating with existing enterprise solutions.

Time was very limited on this project but we still had to understand Universal’s internal project management structure, existing ERP software, and extensive Chart of Accounts. We also had to pull data from external systems, including time keeping and p-card. Additionally, we were challenged with creating a solution that would work for expense projects and a third theme park in Osaka, Japan.

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The Results
Universal leveraged ``CTS`` to track and manage budget and schedule to completion.

The new database management system, called the Cost Tracking System (CTS), was leveraged to track and manage capital projects during construction of Island’s of Adventure, Universal’s $2.5 billion theme park expansion project. CTS was also used to track and manage expense projects within Universal Studios Hollywood, and it would later be utilized to manage expense projects in Osaka, Japan.

About Our Process

“We implement a lot of software projects at Universal, but working with MyProgrammer was one of the easiest experiences I have had.”

Michael Gobbo

Universal Studios