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Cost-effective, 100% on-demand software development services for businesses of any size. Application maintenance, staff augmentation and product development since 1996.

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About MyProgrammer
We help businesses all across America drive down the cost of software development. We employ the best software designers and engineers available, and pass significant savings to you.
Save 40% to 70%

Our unique engagement model and remote platform translates to savings of 40% to 70%. Spend less. Get more done.

100% On-Demand

Our on-demand model provides maximum flexibility. No long-term commitments. Start and stop work at any time.

Work with Experts

Our team averages over 9 years software development experience, among the highest in the industry.


Work with the top 3%

Work with the best software designers and engineers

Studies show that the top software engineers are up to 20 times more productive, and they produce better, more secure, higher performance custom software versus average software engineers. Our proprietary hiring process ensures that the best software professionals are assigned to your project.
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Pay less. Get more done.

Save 40% to 70% compared to the competition

Custom software doesn't have to break your budget. Our lean business structure and remote development model provide significant savings of 40% or more compared to the competition, without compromising quality. For over 20 years we've been the leader in high value custom software. What can we build for you?
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Quick 48 Hour Ramp Up

Our team is ready to hit the ground running when you are

There's no need to wait weeks or even months to get started. Our team is ready to get started within 48 hours (in contrast, most companies need 2-3 weeks minimum), and our streamlined development process allows us to ramp up in record time. Looking for a team to get started yesterday? Contact us today.
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Need help with an existing software project? Cost-effective application support and maintenance.

Our team specializes in taking over challenging software projects. We can support and maintain just about any Microsoft, Apple or Open Source project.

Contact us today to schedule a free project evaluation and in-depth code review. There’s no obligation, and it’s a $400 value.

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Staff Augmentation:
Pain-Free Hiring
in 4 Easy Steps

Talk with one of our industry experts

One of our experts will work with you to understand your project goals, requirements and staffing needs.

Work with hand-picked software pros

Usually within 48 hours, we’ll schedule a kickoff meeting and introduce you to your new developer or team.

We manage the work to drive value

Unlike other freelance services we fully manage your project. We monitor goals, priorities, tasks and results.

Ramp up or down based on your current needs

Our 100% on-demand engagement model provides maximum flexibility. Start and stop work anytime.

Flexibility that doesn't come with sticker shock.

Save 40% or more

Our unique business structure and engagement model allows us to pass significant savings to you.

Minimal Retainer

Unlike many competitors, we do not require a large retainer to get started. Ramp up without breaking your budget.

Web ● Mobile ● Database


Do you need a complete web, mobile or database solution? Let’s build something amazing together.
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Happy Clients Coast-to-Coast


“MyProgrammer have been so easy to work with. They always seem to have solutions to our pressing problems, and they have always been there for us.”

Jenna KellyPeerdash, San Jose, CA

“I’ve been meaning to get back to you regarding a testimonial. I would love to give you a testimonial, however since we do not have an industry exclusive clause with you, upper management fears our ruthless competitors will figure it out and start using you as well to become as productive as we are now becoming!”

EricaConfidential, OH

“We implement a lot of software projects at Universal, but working with MyProgrammer was one of the easiest experiences I have had.”

Michael GobboUniversal Studios, Los Angeles, CA

"I believe in providing referrals when they are warranted, and that is the case with the group at MyProgrammer."

Nat WallenBella Ruby, Charleston, SC

"Working with the MyProgrammer team was extremely easy and they were more than helpful in designing a program to fit our needs."

Chelsea BurnsCoquille Indian Tribe - Oregon

"We have been very pleased with our relationship with MyProgrammer. They have delivered a quality application that met our needs completely."

Wayne KochPHIcure, New York

"We are very pleased with the work MyProgrammer did on our auditing program. They were easy to work with, and professional."

Jose NavarroState Board of Equalization, California
One Success At a Time

Industry Recognition

We were recently recognized by a leading college textbook, Understanding Computers, by Cengage Learning.

Understanding Computers
College Textbok

We were shortlisted by CIO Review for the top 100 most promising companies in the United States.

CIO Review
100 Most Promising Companies

We were shortlisted by Silicon Review for the 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in the USA.

Silicon Review
50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

We have been shortlisted by CIO Review as one of the 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies in the USA.

CIO Review
50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies
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