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About the Client

Technology company Peerdash provides secure ecosystem management and collaboration platforms for multi-stakeholder environments. Located in San Jose, California, Peerdash is a proprietary Software as a service (SaaS) used by the Department of Energy and other leading organizations throughout the United States.


San Jose, California


Social Media, Collaboration


PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

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Project in a Nutshell:

Design a secure mobile-friendly SaaS application that is a cross between Facebook and Dropbox

MyProgrammer began working with Peerdash in 2010 on various web and database projects involving social bookmarking. In 2017, we began planning for a new SaaS platform combining aspects of social media and document collaboration. If Facebook and Dropbox had a child, Yellist would be its name.

This product would eventually be deployed by the United States Department of Energy (DOE), passing a stringent security evaluation. This project would also need to incorporate the highest security technology available.

This platform was architected and built using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and other technologies. The web application is fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

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Goals and Objectives
Create a secure, scalable collaborative social platform capable of hosting millions of users.

The principals at Peerdash, both tech industry veterans with over 30 years experience, wanted to launch a scalable platform that would facilitate social engagement and document sharing capabilities that are desperately needed in the enterprise and government sectors. The application had to be highly secure, as it was going to be deployed at the Department of Energy.

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Unique Challenges
Design an application that uses advanced encryption, yet is still scalable.

Encryption and speed tend to be mutually exclusive. The stronger the encryption, the longer it takes to decrypt. When you multiply that by millions of users, making Yellist scalable did pose challenges. The application also had to pass stringent security tests conducted by the Department of Energy, as it was going to be deployed throughout government facilities and labs across the country.

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The Results
The application was successfully deployed by the Department of Energy, and multiple patents were awarded.

Our work for Peerdash resulted in multiple patents being awarded by the United States Patent Office, and the application was successfully deployed by the Department of Energy. The technology we developed (and jointly hold patents for) is being reviewed by Intel, and other organizations for inclusion.

About Our Process

“MyProgrammer have been so easy to work with. They always seem to have solutions to our pressing problems, and they have always been there for us.”

- Jenna Kelly

CEO and Founder