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About the Client

Ace of Spray provides Pressure Washing and Property Maintenance Services in Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis. As a leader in this space, AOS also provides graffiti removal, parking lot striping, and deck staining and sealing services.


Chicago, Illinois


Pressure Washing, Cleaning


ASP.NET, SQL Server, Tax API

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Project in a Nutshell:

Digital transformation of core business functions, including lead, order, job, logistics and invoice management.

Like many companies, Ace of Spray relied heavily on spreadsheets to manage information. Business was booming, but the limitations of managing vast quantities of information with Excel were slowing down growth. They were literally buried in data.  As part of our digital transformation plan we worked closely with Ace of Spray to design a clean, powerful web solution to capture and manage leads, customers, jobs, estimates, purchase orders, subcontractors and much more.

The new application (called Track My Field) would eventually incorporate all major business functions and allow them to continue their explosive growth.

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Goals and Objectives
Migrate away from Excel and leverage custom software to unlock constrained growth.

Ace of Spray was not able to manage the large amount of information they were inundated with daily, mainly because they were relying on spreadsheets. So our first goal was digital transformation away from Excel to a database management system. Our second goal was to understand and optimize workflow and business processes to avoid costly mistakes.

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Unique Challenges
Build a solution that addresses the dynamic nature of Ace of Spray's business model.

One of the nice things about Excel is it can be easily changed should the need arise. Ace of Spray did not want to lose the flexibility they had grown accustom to with Excel, so Track My Field had to be highly configurable.  Tax compliance and reporting were areas that needed this flexibility, but there were many other modules requiring similar capabilities.

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The Results
Explosive growth unlocked thanks to a modern, highly configurable database solution.

The new web application we designed and developed for Ace of Spray resulted in the largest growth spurt they had experienced to date. The new system was architeched using ASP.NET and SQL Server technologies.

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