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About the Client

Agent Converter is designed to create synergies between mortgage brokers to realtors, allowing both parties to build and grow their businesses. Founded by Nat Wallen in South Carolina, Agent Converter is an innovative idea for an industry not known for innovation.


Charleston, South Carolina


Real Estate


ASP.NET, Keap Integration

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Project in a Nutshell:

Revolutionize an entire industry by creating an innovative mobile-first platform.

Nat Wallen approached us with an idea he had been working on to change how mortgage brokers and real estate agents interact, and build business. As a startup in South Carolina, Nat had a lot of ideas, but he was unsure of how to proceed from a functional and technical standpoint.

We helped Nat plan, design and develop a complete solution, incorporating a variety of technologies, including ASP.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, AJAX among others.

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Goals and Objectives
Build a modern marketing platform without blowing the budget or delivery schedule.

As a startup with limited funds, keeping development within budget was a key goal. Delivering the product within a reasonable time frame was also critical. But Nat wanted us to develop a platform that provided the best possible user experience, and it had to be super easy to use given the target industry.

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Unique Challenges
Design a simple solution flexible and powerful enough for multiple disparate audiences.

Agent Converter is marketed to mortgage brokers and realtors, two groups with very different internal processes and workflows. The challenge we faced was how to build one solution for these two groups that did not introduce a lot of complexity. Simplicity was the key to success.

How We Engage
The Results
Modern, responsive and scalable solution that automates marketing engagement.

The Agent Converter platform is engaging and easy to use, yet provides a simple but powerful user experience. The final product incorporated Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET and SQL Server, and connects with 3rd party services, including and Keap.

About Our Process

“I believe in providing referrals when they are warranted, and that is the case with the group at MyProgrammer.”

Nat Wallen

Agent Converter