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About the Client

Quiksilver is a brand of surf-inspired apparel and accessories that was founded in 1969 in Torquay, Australia, but is now based in Huntington Beach, California. It is one of the world’s largest brands of surfwear and boardsport-related equipment.


Huntington Beach, California


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Project in a Nutshell:

Optimize performance of Quiksilver's SQL Server-based Supply Chain management solution.

As one of the world’s largest brands of surfwear, Quiksilver has a vast supply chain stretching all across the globe. They asked us to analyze their database software to see if we can determine the cause of slow performance. Quiksilver is a large company with complex internal processes and governance, but the team at MyProgrammer was up for the challenge!

Our team analyzed every data object, including stored procedures, views and queries to isolate the problem – and determine the appropriate changes to be made. As you might imagine, this was a series of very large databases with thousands of database objects.

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Goals and Objectives
Improve database throughput to allow supply chain transactions to complete overnight.

Our projects usually involve many major and minor goals and objectives. In the case of Quiksilver, they really only had one. They needed us to improve the transaction performance of their supply chain database. Performance bottlenecks were making it impossible for transactions to complete overnight, and this was causing lots of pain throughout the organization.

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Unique Challenges
Understand the structure of thousands of tables within hundreds of databases.

Quiksilver has a very large and complex supply chain, and this is reflected quite clearly in the structure of their database management system. Since we did not develop this system, and documentation was sparse (aka non-existent) we had to understand how thousands of tables related to each other before we could determine the best course of action. Naturally, it was also mission critical.

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The Results
An improvement in transaction speed of 40% and a reduction of 4 hours processing time.

Our team was able to isolate the problem stored procedures and queries, leading to transaction speed improvements of 40%. The transactions also completed a whopping 4 hours faster, eliminating the performance bottlenecks.

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