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CBS Radio was a radio broadcasting company and radio network operator owned by CBS Corporation, and consolidated radio station groups owned by CBS and Westinghouse Broadcasting/Group W since the 1920s, and Infinity Broadcasting since the 1970s.


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Project in a Nutshell:

Help CBS digitally transform their radio desk and streamline workflow using custom database technology.

CBS Radio in Los Angeles reached out to us for help designing and building a custom database solution to help them manage their radio desk. Radio broadcasting involves a lot of logistics, pertaining to advertising, personalities, promotions and more. The browser-based database application we built for CBS Radio focused on the above areas, in addition to the workflow and approval processes that are inherent with radio broadcasting.

The final product used technologies from Microsoft, and was built on SQL Server.

Goals and Objectives
Streamline the various operations pertaining to radio broadcast operations at the station.

A radio station’s daily operations can be a pretty hectic place to work. Activities are scheduled to the minute (or less), so accuracy of scheduling is critical. CBS Radio wanted us to help them leverage custom software to reduce the complexity they were experiencing.

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Unique Challenges
Create a highly flexible software solution that matches the dynamic nature of a radio station.

We learned pretty quickly that CBS Radio has exceptions for every rule. The design was not going to be straightforward because the workflow at the station did not follow common swim lanes. Tasks are also handed off routinely at the last minute, and the new solution would need to accommodate this chaotic environment.

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The Results
An easy to use custom database solution providing flexibility to manage daily operations.

We built a flexible, scalable custom radio station solution that made it easy for CBS Radio to manage daily operations. The solution we built was deployed in Los Angeles. The solution provided management of advertising, personalities, promotional events and other capabilities.

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