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Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Annexus drives innovation, development and distribution of retirement income and accumulation products that are the cornerstone of modern retirement plans. Being a leader in retirement solutions is no coincidence. Annexus partners with the best in the industry and develops innovative technologies to deliver breakthrough retirement options in the marketplace.


Scottsdale, Arizona


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ERP Consulting, Custom Software

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Project in a Nutshell:

Help Annexus plan, evaluate, select and implement a new ERP solution.

Annexus was contemplating replacing their current ERP solution and wanted help selecting and implementing a new one. They reached out to us because they had a lot of custom programs and processes, and they wanted to ensure that those integrations went smoothly.

We created a high-level plan, developed the RFP, questionnaire and use cases, and determined the list of vendors we wanted to engage. We also conducted evaluations and gave recommendations.

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Goals and Objectives
Help Annexus determine the best ERP solution for their wealth management business model.

Unlike many of our pure custom software engagements, the ERP implementation project we headed up for Annexus was fairly limited, regarding goals and objectives. Annexus needed help selecting the best ERP solution, and they wanted “software guys” to help them make the right decision.

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Unique Challenges
Determining Annexus' organizational priorities and unique custom software integration points.

When evaluating any ERP solution it is important to understand the features and capabilities that are important to the client. Our job was to make sure the use cases and requirements were clearly understood and demonstrated by each vendor, and to ensure that the various integrations required could be accomplished effectively.

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The Results
Annexus successfully implements and integrates with Sage 500 ERP solution.

We are pleased to have helped Annexus find the best ERP fit for their unique wealth management business. The ERP solution Annexus selected was Sage 500, which provided the features and integration capabilities they required.

Update: Sage have retired Sage 500 (the original implementation was in 2011), so we have been retained again to assist with the next ERP selection process.

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