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PHIcure, Inc. is a leading healthcare communications company connecting healthcare organizations to their payers, providers, and patients. Our secure cloud based solutions allow organizations to manage their revenue cycle from any web browser in any location. We connect our partners to thousands of payers throughout the USA and to their patients to successfully manage every aspect of communication in the revenue cycle.


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Project in a Nutshell:

Enhance current application, optimize database performance and fix critical bugs.

PHIcure approached us to help them cleanup their existing web application, which was written in ASP.NET and SQL Server. This was a typical maintenance and support engagement, which makes up 50% of our business. PHIcure had a list of features they wanted to implement that their internal development resources didn’t have the bandwidth to complete.

We also optimized the performance of their database (impacting hundreds of stored procedures), and fixed critical bugs that were impacting their user base.  PHIcure was bought out by Inmediata, and we have continued to work for them as well.

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Goals and Objectives
Improve performance of application, modernize the user experience and fix critical bugs.

Most of the maintenance projects we take on have similar goals to those of PHIcure. Their custom application was in need of bug fixes, starting to slow down and it was missing features they had been wanting to implement for many months.

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Unique Challenges
Medical privacy concerns meant we couldn't work directly on the application data.

Because the application fell under HIPAA laws regarding patient privacy, we had to optimize database performance without the benefit of running and analyzing the actual data. We worked closely with PHIcure’s internal development team to help us bridge this gap.

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The Results
Significantly better application performance. Critical bugs addressed. New features added.

By restructuring the database objects to utilize stored procedures instead of inline SQL statements, we were able to run most queries in memory (instead of from the disk drives), which resulted in dramatic performance improvements. We also addressed many bugs and feature requests, further improving the overall user experience.

About Our Process

“We have been very pleased with our relationship with MyProgrammer. They have delivered a quality application that met our needs completely.”

Wayne Koch