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In the ever-shifting world of dangerous goods shipping, Labelmaster keeps your business ahead of regulations and compliant every step of the way. Whether you’re shipping hazardous materials by land, air or sea, we provide always up-to-date expertise to ensure every shipment runs smoothly.


Chicago, Illinois


Shipping, Labels, Logistics



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Project in a Nutshell:

Add features to internal labeling software and fix bugs impacting users.

Labelmaster contacted us to help with maintenance and support regarding their custom labeling software application. This project lasted several months, as we were provided with a list of enhancements to implement, and bugs to fix. We worked with the internal developers at Labelmaster and delivered our fixes on time, and within budget.

The technologies included Visual FoxPro, SQL Server and other 3rd party printing tools.

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Goals and Objectives
Quickly address critical bugs and deploy new features customers were waiting for.

Labelmaster’s customers were being negatively impacted by bugs and missing features, and those concerns were communicated to our team early in the project. Gaps in functionality and a few critical bugs were causing a lot of pain.

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Unique Challenges
Learn legacy code that was not well documented and did not follow industry standards.

It is not uncommon for us to work on software applications written by others that is poorly documented and not developed using industry standard practices. If anything, these characteristics are the standard. Our first challenge was coming up to speed with a foreign code base, which was the case with this project. Additionally, label printing is tricky because many printing devices must be supported, each requiring unique requirements.

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The Results
Our team addressed critical bugs and implemented new features on time and within budget.

Working closely with Labelmaster’s internal developers, we were able to fix all bugs and add several new features cost-effectively, all within the time they needed.

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