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About the Client

Mosquito Squad invented the Barrier Treatment in 2005 to help outdoor lighting installers fight the bite while working—and they’ve been leading the industry ever since. They have protected more than 300,000 backyards, and received thousands of thank you notes and rave reviews from clients for allowing them to use their backyards freely again without having to worry about mosquito bites.


Charlotte, North Carolina


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Project in a Nutshell:

Our custom franchise software helped turn Mosquito Squad into a $60M industry leader.

We love a good success story, and Mosquito Squad surely qualifies. In 2006, we were approached by MS to help them figure out how to grow their startup pest control company. Their plan was to have franchises all across the south, but they needed a solution to help them track and manage their franchise expansion.

We designed and built a custom CRM based on SugarCRM, which helped them grow from one location in 2005 to $60 million in sales today.

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Goals and Objectives
Help Mosquito Squad manage and grow a franchise network across multiple states.

Mosquito Squad had big plans, but they needed the right custom software to help them realize those dreams. With one location originally, they needed a way to manage new franchisees to track sales, customer service, invoicing, leads and much more. Without such a solution they were not going to grow.

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Unique Challenges
Accomplish all of their big dreams on a tight budget, combined with lots of requirements.

On paper this project seemed like mission impossible. Mosquito Squad was just starting out, and funds were limited. To make matters even harder, they also had a long list of “must-have requirements” such as invoicing, analytics, and many others.

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The Results
Leveraging SugarCRM, our custom solution helped Mosquito Squad grow from nothing to $60M in sales.

Even on a shoestring budget we were able to get this project over the finish line. We took the core components of Sugar, and created new modules specifically targeting the franchise aspects of their business. The result is a user-friendly franchise management solution that turned Mosquito Squad into an industry leader.

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