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GIS / OCR  •    Maintenance / Support    •    ASP.NET / SQL Server

About the Client

Steel Shire Design is a technology company providing software as a service and data integration solutions for the oil and gas, construction, right of way, and the public sector. SSD specializes in project management solutions targeting the above industries.


Montgomery, Minnesota


Oil and Gas, Construction, RoW 



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Project in a Nutshell:

Ongoing maintenance and support of custom Geographic Information System.

Steel Shire Design (SSD) provides software as a service and data integration solutions for the oil and gas, construction, and right of way industries. We partnered with SSD to perform ongoing software application maintenance and support for their custom project tracking solution.

Our senior ASP.NET developers worked with the team at SSD on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Optimal Character Recognition (OCR), and other tasks related to the Leadtools codec.

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Goals and Objectives
Support the internal team of developers at Steel Shire Design. Implement OCR and GIS features.

Steel Shire Design’s clients were clamoring for features that their internal team was too busy to work on, so their number one goal was getting key enhancements done in a timely fashion. Their customer “wish list” including enhancements to GIS and OCR features, and bug fixing.

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Unique Challenges
Fairly complex domain, various 3rd party APIs and unique GIS and OCR complexities.

Our team had several challenges to overcome on this project. Because it was a maintenance and support engagement, we needed to quickly get up to speed on SSD’s code base. Additionally, SSD operates in a fairly complex space, dealing with oil and gas, right of way, and construction industries. And finally, the features they wanted to implement related to GIS and OCR, both of which are fairly complex.

How We Engage
The Results
Steel Shire Design was able to implement the critical new features their customers needed.

Our engagement with Steel Shire Design lasted about 2 years, mostly working part-time to augment their internal teams. We helped them complete features related to GIS, OCR, database cleanup and a variety of other tasks. Our team also focused on several workflow subprojects and did extensive UI refinements.

About Our Process