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About the Client

Paraclete XP is the largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel in the United States. Paraclete has been helping customers enjoy the thrill of indoor skydiving for more than 10 years, with a state-of-the-art wind tunnel located in Raeford, North Carolina.


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Project in a Nutshell:

Revitalize aging Ecommerce solution for the largest indoor skydiving company in the USA.

Paraclete already had a complete Ecommerce solution when they reached out to us. The previous developer was no longer available, which is not uncommon, but it left them in a bit of a predicament. Our team did an initial evaluation to determine what shape the application code was in, and then we started addressing issues Paraclete was reporting.

Our maintenance and support service also includes rapid support, in the event that something bad happens during business hours. We have provided enhancements and support for Paraclete for several years.

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Goals and Objectives
Improve overall user experience, general workflow and optimize performance during ordering.

Paraclete’s main objective was to improve efficiency and the overall user experience of the online booking process. Speed was also an area to address, as was the clunky usability of various modules within their existing application.

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Unique Challenges
No application documentation existed. Code was not written well. Complex ordering process.

Maintenance and support is one of our core services so we are no strangers to working with “rough” code. But in the case of Paraclete, poor code quality combined with a complete lack of technical documentation added to the complexity. Paraclete also has contracts with the military, so special rules had to be enforced to address that.

How We Engage
The Results
Critical bugs fixed. Workflow improvements implemented. Speed improved.

Over several years of supporting Paraclete’s in-house custom application we’ve addressed the major bug fixes and missing features they have required, and we have improved the user experience in several areas related to online bookings and backend logistics.

About Our Process

“My Programmer has taken our custom feature starved application and added in the pieces we really needed for our business to function smoothly.”

Matt McLean

Paraclete XP